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Internet fundamentals, survey of cloud usages, production outstage stories, instumenting build processes and more solid devops and operations content this week.

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Check out the latest from StackHawk’s Chief Security Officer, Scott Gerlach, on why security should be part of building software, and how StackHawk helps teams catch vulns before prod.


Results from a recent survey of more than 3200 practitioners looking at the state of cloud adoption. Security, cost, skills shortages, multi-cloud, spend and lots of other interesting topics covered.

An interesting post on instrumenting infrastructure deployment, in this case using Pulumi and Honeycomb and low-level libraries for each.

“The Domain Name System or DNS is a never-ending source of amusement and amazement.” The latest post in this series looks at TLDs.

Another internet fundamentals posts, this one looking at email authenticity with DKIM, SPF and DMARC.

Establishing trust in the context of untrusted networks is an interesting, and increasingly relevant problem given how we build software today. This post looks at approaches based around trust on first use and the role of transparency logs.

JSON Schema has been seeing quite a bit of development recently. This post mainly looks at the new bundling capabilities in the latest version of the specification, but touches on other recent improvements too.

A great story of debugging a production problem and seemingly innocuous changes having a large effect.

Sometimes the thing that causes an outage is getting a calculation wrong. This post features several reliability problems caused by maths errors.


A new virtual event coming October 19th to 21st, PREVAIL is focused on all things non-functional requirements. The call for papers is open until 10th of September.


Octopilot is a CLI tool designed to help you automate your Git workflow, by automatically creating and merging GitHub Pull Requests to update specific content in Git repositories.