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Reports on devops and cloud trends and papers on developer productivity this week, along with posts on SRE for microservices and everyone’s favourite topic, DNS.

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Traditional application security testing methods fail for single page applications. Check out why single page apps are different and how you can run security tests on your SPAs.


A new report on devops and cloud trends, covering the evolution of cloud services, adoption of SRE, observability and CI/CD practices and more.

There are nearly 100 DNS record types! This comprehensive post covers details of the different types, including providing an example domain files demonstrating everything.

A recent paper on developer productivity, with good coverage of misconceptions (about activity, individual productivity, management and more) and proposing the SPACE framework (Satisfaction, Performance, Activity, Communication and Efficiency).

All projects include some level of testing. But do we agree on what we mean by testing when it comes to software development? Not always, as discussed in this post.

Microservice environments present a novel set of reliability challenges. This post looks at some of those challenges, and some of the best practices to address them.

The first two posts in a series on the theory of monitoring, starting with defining terms and then discussing indicators and synthetics.

A look at one organisations tracing infrastructure, discussing various aspects of the implementation from clients to capacity planning and other challenges.


Authorino is a cloud native AuthN/AuthZ enforcer for Zero Trust API protection built on top of Envoy. It provides a wide range of identity verification methods, policy enforcement options and caching options.

Naml is a configuration management tool for describing Kubernetes configuration in Go. It has a nice tool for converting YAML (including direct from the Kubernetes API) into Go as a way to bootstrap as well.