DEVOPS WEEKLY ISSUE #537 - 11th April 2021

1 minute read

A few specific, practical posts this week on container image tags and getting started with CINC Auditor. Plus discussion of the relevance of operating systems, ARM price/performance, DNS propagation and more.

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A good introduction to the pros and cons of tags for Docker images and how to implement repeatable builds using digests.

A nice write-up of progress with the Tinkerbell open source project, which provides a full toolchain for bare metal provisioning.

A purposefully provocatively titled post with some good observations; nobody cares about the operating system anymore.

A quick post on getting started with CINC Auditor, the open packaging for Chef Inspec.

A post explaining the concepts behind policy as code and how the author came to appreciate the idea and the open policy agent project.

A case study of adopting the new ARM-based Graviton instances in AWS, and the resulting price and performance improvements.

A post on building decision trees for threat modelling with Graphviz. It’s a nice graphviz DSL tutorial as well.

Every discussed DNS propagation? As this post points out, It doesn’t exist and it’s a matter of layered caches.

An interesting service management survey looking for input. The post has some good data points from the previous years survey too.


Ledokku is a web frontend for the Dokku minimal platform as a service.

Volcano is a Kubernetes-native batch processing system for compute-heavy workloads like machine learning or bioinformatics.