DEVOPS WEEKLY ISSUE #535 - 28th March 2021

1 minute read

Operations and compliance, a few posts on helping to justify investment, and see the results of, improvements to your CI and CD pipelines, collected Kubernetes security resources and more this week.

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You can utilize Swagger Docs in security testing to drive more thorough and accurate vulnerability scans of your APIs. Learn how:


A great discussion on the importance of risk management and compliance in technical operations.

A presentation on CI/CD pipeline analytics, measuring flow and other metrics as part of software delivery.

A survey from researchers at the Technical University of Darmstadt and the University of St.Gallen on the adoption of devops practices and tooling.

A curated collection of security resources for Kubernetes. Everything from the basics to tools, video recordings and papers.

A brief introduction to the concept of service mesh, and a comparison including Linkerd, Consul Connect, Istio and Kuma.

A spreadsheet for modelling savings from improvements to CI/CD.

A quick introduction to some of the software supply chain security issues mitigated by sigstore.

A post on understanding some of the OAuth flows that can result in authentication and authorization security issues, and planned changes to the specification to avoid them.