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Lots of tools this week, from small utilities for secret detection and AWS management, to tools working with Knative and monorepos. Plus posts on devops trends, logging, Kubernetes and more.

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Lots of details about Kubernetes liveness probes, including the problems they look to solve and some of the common implementation errors.

A post on potential trends in and around infrastructure and operations in 2021. Continued evolution rather than revolution.

Open source software has been an important part of the devops story. This paper explores some of the recent conversations about licensing, ethics and the issues with open communities.

A post on automating the release process for a complex monorepo project using Lerna.

Logging is too easy to get wrong. This post covers lots of details about Java logging, useful for those building or operating Java applications.


I’m a big fan of making it possible to experiment and learn with even complex platforms locally. Knative on Kind (Konk) does just that for Knative.

A simple but handy utility to resize EBS volumes on AWS.

Another useful utility, SecretScanner does exactly what you’d think, finding secrets from file systems or container images.

Monorepos appear particularly popular with some JavaScript communities. Rush is a new toolkit helping to build and publish many packages from a common Git repo.