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From automation to the need to help executives understand some of the technical aspects of digital transformation, and from stories of operational incidents to interesting new build and tracing tools.

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A fun set of 10 short stories highlighting the reality to production incidents.

Digital transformation is increasingly a strategic priority for all large organisations. That means it’s important for business executives to be familiar with the need to modernise applications and platforms.

Pulumi allows for defining infrastructure using general purpose programming languages. With the new automation API, it’s now possible to embed this capability in other programs, with initial support for Typescript and Go.

A quick case study of operating a large multi-tenant Kubernetes cluster in the public cloud. Covers provisioning, management, visibility and more important operations challenges.

The term cloud native has become increasingly prevalent. This post talks about why, and breaks down several tooling areas to focus on.

Both microservice and serverless architectures push for smaller units of execution, this post looks at the differences between the two.


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Earthly is an interesting new build tool focused on repeatable builds. It combines Dockerfile and Make and makes it easier to run isolated tests and other commands.

Tempo is an easy-to-use and high-scale distributed tracing backend. Tempo is integrated with cloud-based object storage and can be used with a variety of tracing protocols, including Jaeger, Zipkin and OpenTelemetry.

Ripgrep is a local code search tool that’s optimised for performance and nicely integrates with other developer tools like gitignore files.