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A mix of people and process (on-call for managers, team design), practice (observability, logging) and tooling (Terraform, Kubernetes) posts this week.

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Hi DevOps Weekly. StackHawk is proud to be a new sponsor of the newsletter. We are application security testing built for CI/CD. Read our post on Developer-Centric AppSec Testing.


Designing on-call often lands on managers, so understanding the difference between good and bad on-call is critically important if you want to be a good engineering manager. This post is a great introduction.

A look at applying approaches from domain driven design and team topologies to identify improvements in how teams build reliable co-operating systems.

Five tips for implementing observability, looking at black box monitoring, service metrics, tracing and more.

An interesting new Lambda feature, extensions open up lots of opportunities for monitoring and security use cases that have been hard to implement up to now.

Anyone who has worked with logs will be familiar with the concept of log levels. This post has a bit of history and discusses how log levels are commonly used.

Terraform is building up an ecosystem of developer tools around it, but which to try first? This video playlist has several tool reviews which might be of interest.

Many large organisations end up using multiple cloud providers, whether by inertia or design. This post covers some common issues and misconceptions.


Troubleshoot is a set of tools for supporting applications deployed to Kubernetes. Preflight provides pre-installation cluster conformance testing and validation and support-bundle provides post-installation troubleshooting and diagnostics.