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Chaos engineering, building an SRE team, some interesting audit tools and a range of container infrastructure topics this week.

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A post on how to build an SRE team, from other roles to find candidates in to how you might choose to structure the team to begin with.

A new podcast series focused on chaos engineering, with several discussions already on the psychology of chaos engineering and learning from incidents.

An introduction to the operator pattern in Kubernetes, and a look at the Operator Framework SDK for creating Go operators.

A good list of best practices for building Docker images for Node.js projects. While some are generally applicable, several are specific to Node.

A discussion of the importance of flow, and approaches to building empowered teams that can deliver products end-to-end.

An interesting community attempt to standardize how to distribute WASM applications as OCI images. I’d like to see this conversation happen under the auspices of the OCI but interesting stuff.


An online GUI tool for quickly creating Kubernetes YAML configuration files. Select the workload type and then go through the (long) list of available options.

Whispers is a new tool for identifying secrets (AWS tokens, hashed credentials, sensitive files, etc.) in source code and various configuration files.

Polaris is an interesting looking audit tool for Kubernetes, showing a high-level health score for clusters and workloads and providing a list of issues to fix.