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Lots of high-level content this week. Digital transformation, building platforms for adoption, domain driven design, cloud centres of excellence. Plus seccomp details, a batch of Devops and security talks and more.

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How do you get the benefits of microservice architectures at scale while minimising operational complexity? This post looks at applying domain driven design concepts and provides a useful case study.

The adoption of devops practices has gone hand-in-hand with organisations embracing digital transformation. Both phrases risk overuse but these posts discuss some useful mental models to help focus conversations.

What properties of developer platforms lead to adoption? The following post is specifically about a large scale edge platform, but it’s a great read for anyone building platforms of all kinds for developers, including those doing so in internal platform teams.

When first embracing devops practices and cloud services it’s common in large organisations to build a centre of excellence. There are some traps to avoid when taking this approach that the following post discusses.

The videos from the recent DevSecCon online conference are all available, with a range of interesting topics covered including infrastructure as code security, continuous audit compliance, supply chain attacks and more.

A nice discussion of tradeoffs between serverless architectures and monolithic applications, mainly focused on smaller scale apps.

A deep dive technical post on new features in the linux kernel which should make unprivileged containers more popular. Good introduction to the details of seccomp as well.

Role-based access control plays an important role in securing Kubernetes. This handy site collects together articles and tools and the official documentation in one place.

An interesting survey for anyone using Serverless technologies to take, from a wide range of companies in the space. I’ll look forward to the results when they are published.