DEVOPS WEEKLY ISSUE #493 - 7th June 2020

1 minute read

Some very topical posts this week. Plus the more usual content; Intel/ARM performance comparisons, chaos engineering meets security and several interesting Kubernetes posts.


If you’re in tech and thinking about the Black Lives Matter movement then please read this article on how the tech community can provide support.

Successfully adopting devops practices takes good management. This collection of books covers lots of good topics for new or experienced managers.

A look at how COVID-19 and surrounding events has affected on-call; remote work, new schedules and anxiety.

A talk looking at the benefits of chaos engineering, and testing in production, when it comes to security.

An introduction to CNAB, a packaging format for applications composed of multiple components. A good update on upcoming additions to the set of specifications.

A look at comparative performance of intel and ARM chips, in this case with detailed benchmarks on AWS using the Minio object storage server.

An interesting discussion of Kubernetes through the lens of a database, considering infrastructure as data, views, query languages and more.

A look at different ways of managing Helm charts, from a chart monorepo to per-chart repositories to storing the charts alongside the application code.

An example repository for anyone interested in a real-world gitops workflow using Kustomize, Flux and Helm.


King is looking for new members for the infrastructure engineering teams to help develop, manage and expand our software based networking setup across datacenters and (Google) cloud. Please take a look at the open role for networking engineer. We’re also still looking for both database and streaming data engineers, if that is more your style.