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A few posts this week around process, both looking at working in a blameless culture, combining documentation needs and chatops and how to get the best out of a pull-request based workflow. Plus a few serverless posts and new tooling for Kubernetes users.


DevOps adoption increases every day. So, we researched some of the biggest changes and trends to better define what “DevOps” truly means in 2018–check it out here:


A post on the importance of confidence, and how a blameless culture maximises for learning.

An interesting approach to documenting a tool, focused on usage snippets and exposing both the authoring and reading in the context of chat.

This post focuses on serverless from the business angle, not just looking at the economics of running serverless applications but also at the development efficiencies related to managed services.

A round up of the recent Chaos Engineering conference, with notes from the talks on everything from containers to observability to different facets of chaos engineering and testing.

A simple run down of what makes serverless environments different, touching on frameworks, database and storage as a service, logging and metrics and a few other areas which see the most change.

This post focuses on AWS, but is pretty relevant to any conversation where you are naming a new tool or product. Some good tips on areas to avoid, with examples from the ever-increasing AWS portfolio.

Pull request based workflows are common for lots of development teams. This post provides some tips for making that work, focusing on the unit of work, testing, clean code, commit messages and more.

A trick for authoring Makefiles with built-in documentation, using only comments in the Makefile and awk.

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Devopsdays NYC is coming up next year, January 24th and 25th to be precise. The CFP is open now but closes on the 30th of October. The organisers are looking for 30 minute presentations and 5 minute ignite talks and have some suggestions for interesting topics.


Sourcegraph is a powerful tool for analyzing and searching across multiple codebases. It’s able to analyze the code and then allow navigation between codebases, for instance following the implementation of a given library in another codebase.

The AWS Service Operator provides a CRD interface to AWS infrastructure, so you can now provision and manage various AWS services directly via the Kubernetes API.

Kube Score is a handy tool for analysing Kubernetes config files and nudging you towards best practices. Handy locally or in a CI system.

DevOps adoption increases every day. So, we researched some of the biggest changes and trends to better define what “DevOps” truly means in 2018–check it out here: