DEVOPS WEEKLY ISSUE #405 - 30th September 2018

2 minute read

A spread of big picture and technical posts this week; from datacenter power usage and patterns for organisational change to building multi-region virtual machines and managing Kubernetes resources with code. Enjoy.


The term DevOps carries a number of misconceptions among some teams. So, we took it upon ourselves to straighten out the myths and define the truly key philosophies of DevOps:


Power consumption from hyperscale datacenters is a growing portion of world-wide power usage. This petition, and the accompanying white paper, are trying to raise the profile of this important issue.

This post explores different ways of changing how teams and organisations work, looking in particular at patterns and antipatterns when it comes to mandating one way of working.

A look at using Pulumi for managing configuration for Kubernetes, including installing using Helm charts and applying transformations to third-party resources.

A highly detailed post on designing, building and optimising a very large load balancing setup.

A look at multi-datacenter usage of Consul and Kubernetes, including walking through an example setup.

A comprehensive set of notes from the recent Devopsdays London event, covering talks and open spaces on empathy, management, on call, blameless incident reviews and more.

Managing dependencies, especially native dependencies, for Lambda can be tricky. This post steps through some of the problems and looks at some possible, maybe surprising, solutions.

A walkthrough of building virtual machines images for Azure, in particular looking at using Packer and ensuring images are available across regions.

CNCF - Cloud Native Computing Foundation

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon is coming up on November 13-15 in Shanghai. Join us to discuss the future of cloud native computing, including emerging trends in microservices architectures and container orchestration with technologies like Kubernetes, Prometheus, and many more.


Experience Velocity for only £99 If you’ve given up on attending the O’Reilly Velocity Conference (30 Oct-2 Nov in London) this year due to lack of time or money, don’t abandon hope just yet. For just £99, the Pavilion Plus Pass grants you access to the leading conference on DevOps, performance, cloud infrastructure, and more. You’ll be able to attend all keynotes and sponsored sessions, all evening events and other casual discussion spaces at the conference, and of course, you’ll have access to the Sponsor Pavilion to learn about the latest technology products and services. What’s the catch? There are only 100 Velocity Pavilion Plus passes available. Grab yours now before they sell out!

DevOpsDays Kansas City coming up on October 17th and 18th. The agenda has the usual mix of open spaces, ignite talks and presentations as well as workshops. Topics include organisational design, kubernetes, incident response and more.


Ko is a type-safe language for concurrent, stateful, deadlock-free systems and protocol manipulations. It’s build atop the go runtime so would make an interesting embedded language for configuration usecases.

A handy dashboard for monitoring the status of Kubernetes cron jobs, showing jobs currently running and those that have failed.

The term DevOps carries a number of misconceptions among some teams. So, we took it upon ourselves to straighten out the myths and define the truly key philosophies of DevOps: