DEVOPS WEEKLY ISSUE #382 - 22nd April 2018

3 minute read

A mix of posts this week on operations and operations culture on one hand, and BPF, open tracing and automating CI pipelines on the other.


On-call sucks… But it doesn’t have to! Read the following article to learn more about structuring on-call rotations that make your team happier while also maintaining uptime.


A great set of posts on software defined culture. A set of 5 posts, covering building for reliability, operability, observability and responsibility.

A post on the flexibility of Jenkins new Jenkinsfile, demonstrating how to provide a shared library to allow pipelines to be defined purely in a YAML file in the repository rather than writing Groovy.

A good overview of open tracing. What it is, what problem it’s trying to solve, and details of the various moving parts of the standard.

A post on avoiding creating even more silos when adopting devops, looking at the full range of operations work and the balance between local and global efficiency.

BPF is replacing the venerable iptables for all things Linux network filtering. This post provides a great overview of why, how this is being done in a non-disruptive manner and what you can expect in the future.

A useful description of how to configure a robust Nginx proxy with Docker containers in various setups.

A post on the inherent complexity of the on-demand cloud billing models, with some good points about why adopting cloud services can stumble on cost and what you can do about it.

A good overview of ways of extending Kubernetes by creating custom controllers.

A looks at the similarities and differences between container-based and serverless architectures, and when you might choose each.

Having a portable local development environment has lots of advantages. This post explains some of them, as well as some tips for using Docker images.


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Danger is a handy tool for enforcing various standards in a CI environment. Lots of plugins and a DSL for describing rules like commit message style, watch out for certain files or licenses, or prohibit large diffs.

Liman is a simple Docker container monitoring application with a web interface. Just point it at your docker socket and will allow access to stats and logs for running containers.

On-call sucks… But it doesn’t have to! Read the following article to learn more about structuring on-call rotations that make your team happier while also maintaining uptime.