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Several posts this week on adapting to modern systems architecture practices, including looking specifically at logging and monitoring, monorepos and multi-cloud. A few deep-dive technical posts too on containerd and the difference between Docker images and instances.


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Deciding whether to adopt a monorepo or a multi-repo approach to organising your code is an interesting exercise. This post lays out the pros and cons of each option.

This post explains some of the issues faced with logging when moving to a microservices architecture, and looks at solutions including structured logging, schemas and tracing.

Adopting new technologies and processes is a journey, and this post tries to explain the steps on that journey from proof-of-concept to transformation.

Helm Charts provide a way for packaging up Kubernetes applications. This post looks at how chart usage is evolving with higher-level features and composition.

Containerd recently implemented namespaces, which allow for a number of multi-tenancy use cases. This post shows how these work, and why they could be useful.

For those that like to understand how things work under the hood, this post on what’s inside a scratch container is a great introduction to what happens to a Docker/runc container image at runtime.

A collection of tips for designing multi-cloud systems, with some diagrams explaining the various possible evolutions of the architecture.

Azure has been shipping some interesting Kubernetes features recently and this post does a good job of introducing using Azure Container Instances with Kubernetes.

User expectations change over time, and this post explores the changing attitudes to availability. Other service level expectations are changing in similar ways too.

CNCF - Cloud Native Computing Foundation

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SPIFFE is a set of open-source standards for securely identifying software systems in dynamic and heterogeneous production environments. It’s still in development, but a useful shared solution to a common problem.

The Chaos Toolkit is a set of tools for describing and running chaos engineering style experiments against your systems. The tutorial does a good job of introducing the toolset.

Attending AWS re:Invent 2017? Visit the VictorOps booth, schedule a meeting, or join us for some after hours fun. See you in Vegas!