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A few hardware and networking posts this week, along with talk of cloud, serverless and continuous delivery with containers. Also a special mention for SysAdvent. If you have an interesting idea for a post, especially if you’re new to writing, then definitely sign up. Lookout for many of the SysAdvent posts in the newsletter in December.


Attending AWS re:Invent 2017? Visit the VictorOps booth, schedule a meeting, or join us for some after hours fun. See you in Vegas!


An excellent example-packed post on what it means to be serverless. This topic keeps cropping up and I find this the best explanation of the various aspects of the pattern.

SysAdvent, the yearly advent calendar of systems administration content, is back and well worth writing for. The organisers are looking for authors and editors, and in particular looking for new and underrepresented voices in our community. The CFP closes on the 15th of November.

A great post looking ahead to the coming wave of ARM servers. Some great benchmarks and observations about power consumption.

Root cause analysis is a common practice after outages, but how much do you learn from all the times the same thing didn’t cause an issue? This post explores why our need for a narrative can lead to us missing important information.

A presentation all about adopting continuous delivery with containers, with a focus on the Java ecosystem. Covers everything from local development environments through different stages of a build and test pipeline.

Lots of organisations are pushing responsibility for infrastructure out to multiple teams, but how do you then track down infrastructure using the wrong shared service? This post looks at an NTP migration in such a setup.

As sites hit a certain large scale external traffic routing becomes more of a challenge. This post explores transit and peering, BGP and GeoDNS.

This post makes the point that cloud migrations all too often focus on existing operational metrics around cost savings, rather than the large agility benefits to be had in such a migration.

A nice case study of applying some of the operational principles found in the SRE book to a different operations domain.

Lots of examples for getting started with the buildah OCI-compatible container build tool.

The Linux Foundation

Free Webinar: How BI & Data Science Gets Results November 16, Online

Statistical/data science models can now run on Hadoop in a much more cost-effective manner than a few years ago. This results in fostering the convergence of traditional BI and Data Science disciplines (machine learning, artificial intelligence… etc). Join the discussion with an incredible panel including ODPi, 4C Decision, ZEPL, and Pivotal, as we’ll share how this phenomenon is going to impact the Hadoop standard.

CNCF - Cloud Native Computing Foundation

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon - Join leading Kubernetes, Docker, and Cloud Native technologists, December 6-8, in Austin for a broad range of technical sessions on the cloud native ecosystem. We sold out in Berlin and are excited to see thousands of you from the community join us, this time in Austin!


I’ve seen (and build) a few integration testing setups for container images, but DockerSpec aims to come with everything out-of-the-box. RSpec helpers for testing Dockerfiles, image builds, running containers, Compose and more.

Attending AWS re:Invent 2017? Visit the VictorOps booth, schedule a meeting, or join us for some after hours fun. See you in Vegas!