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A wide mix of content this week, with posts on IT governance, building teams around psychological safety, the divide between the devops community and the traditional ITSM community, and more technical posts on service discovery and scripting atop Kubernetes. Hopefully something for everyone.


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The concept of psychological safety is a useful part of talking about team culture. This post has some great specific examples of behaviours to watch out for.

Interesting post on some of the side-effects of adopting a service mindset, namely that your colleagues become customers, and on how you can adopt customer-centric measures to make sure the system is operating as expected.

A post on multi-cloud and its relationship to lockin, placing the fears of lockin alongside the relatively low onboarding costs and rapid innovation.

This post makes the important point that any successful attempt to adopt devops practices in a large organisation has to address the mismatch between traditional IT project-centric governance and the the needs of flow.

Notes from a conversation at configuration management camp back in February, about the mismatch between modern infrastructure environments and classic ITSM tenets. In particular looking at CMDB as something that should be useful to everyone, but maybe isn’t.

A look at using CRDTs for service discovery. Contains a good overview of other options, including DNS and tools like etcd and zookeeper, and why they chose CRDTs with Akka as an alternative.


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lstags is a handy tool for comparing Docker images between repositories, as well as automatically syncing images between repositories.

Brigade is a new workflow tool for Kubernetes environments, allowing for writing JavaScript to define pipelines for running containers. Supports timers, listening to events from services like GitHub or Docker image repositories and more.

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