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Lots of events and conferences happening at the moment relevant to devops and devops weekly. If you see (or give) any particular talks that stand out please do send me links to videos or slides.


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A fantastic talk from this week’s PuppetConf about continuous integration as a superpower for infrastructure development. Puppet specific tools but good ideas for others too.

A short walk through of setting up AWS API Gateway, DynamoDB and Lambda to build a simple API endpoint.

A good post with a brief history of ITIL based ITSM, and why the focus on services can get lost in processes. Interesting point about the different between IT services and IT management.

Solid research about the breakdown of different operating systems used in containers, based on an analysis of images on DockerHub.

A good post exploring Prometheus for monitoring. A solid getting started walk through and some thoughts about where the project sits today.

A nice introduction to security for operators, with points on extremes and a good introduction to threat modelling and analysing risk

Understanding how network traffic flows through Kubernetes can help with the inevitable debugging. This post breaks out nc and iptables and shows how traffic gets from load balancer to pod.

A neat approach to running continuous integration tests against an ephemeral Kubernetes cluster, in this case in Travis CI.

The Linux Foundation

Free Webinar: How BI & Data Science Gets Results November 16, Online

Statistical/data science models can now run on Hadoop in a much more cost-effective manner than a few years ago. This results in fostering the convergence of traditional BI and Data Science disciplines (machine learning, artificial intelligence… etc). Join the discussion with an incredible panel including ODPi, 4C Decision, ZEPL, and Pivotal, as we’ll share how this phenomenon is going to impact the Hadoop standard.

CNCF - Cloud Native Computing Foundation

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon - Join leading Kubernetes, Docker, and Cloud Native technologists, December 6-8, in Austin for a broad range of technical sessions on the cloud native ecosystem. We sold out in Berlin and are excited to see thousands of you from the community join us, this time in Austin!


Kapitan is another Jsonnet based configuration tool for Kubernetes. As well as configuration templates it provides built-in support for generating documentation and scripts, and a tool for separating data from configuration.

Tarmak is a new toolkit for managing and provisioning a Kubernetes cluster. It makes use of Packer, Puppet, Terraform and Docker to provide a degree of platform independence, but provides a higher-level CLI interface and good defaults for a secure, CI/CD ready cluster.

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