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Several people at the moment are writing great posts codifying the process and techniques that have emerged over the past several years. This week we have great posts on the service mesh pattern and on SRE, as well as the usual run of other interesting thoughts on the role of architects, QA and posts on serverless, and ops transparency.


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An excellent detailed post on the service mesh pattern, including the evolution of networking to this point. Illustrated with some excellent diagrams.

An interesting look at how SRE works at Google, with lots of real-world details about managing headcount, how and when SRE might get involved in a service and more.

A presentation on evolving a continuous delivery system for Kubernetes, from an initial manual deployment process via integration with source control and CI systems to a more advanced release management process.

An interesting approach to malware detection, packaged as a serverless application. It makes an interesting and nicely documented example of a real-world serverless application too.

A software architect’s view of embracing devops practices and some some ideas for what it means to be a cloud native architect.

A look at using the Serf gossip protocol to issue commands to run Puppet across your infrastructure.

An interesting comparison between the unix programming model where everything is a file, to the serverless programming model where everything is an HTTP interface.

A post about the move towards increased transparency in operations teams, and some tips for publishing root cause analyses.

A post on the role of QA in organisations adopting devops, and some of the types of work QA folks can do when supporting infrastructure work.

A detailed walkthrough of using Linuxkit to build AMIs for running on AWS. A walkthrough of all the commands needed with handy screenshots.

An interesting trick for mounting an executable into a container in Kubernetes using a configmap with executable permissions.

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Supercronic nicely solves the problem of running cron jobs in containers, providing a cron implementation which happily takes environment variables and outputs straight to stdout and stderr amongst other features.

Atlantis is a workflow tool for teams working with Terraform. It provides some nice features to prevent common mult-users issues and integrates with GitHub pull requests.

Being on-call sucks - but is it getting better? See what 800+ professionals have to say about being on-call it in VictorOps’ annual “State of On-Call” report.