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Lots of differently presented posts this week, with a mix of rich diagrams, infographics, code examples and even illustrations to explain complex topics. Some excellent prose as well, covering the importance of metrics, technology choice as fashion and the state of secrets management.


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Monitoring with Artificial Intelligence

The modern technologies that accelerate speed of innovation, enable hyper-scale deployments, and promote business agility also make monitoring applications the same old way too difficult and labor-intensive. Only automated AI-powered monitoring can keep pace with the speed at which your team is innovating. Join Daniel Kaar, Technology Strategist at Dynatrace, for a discussion on how monitoring with AI can help you.


Choosing software systems is an interesting problem, and the internet has a habit of making technology choice fashion, rather than context, driven. This post makes the argument, with examples, of why you are not Google.

A follow up to conversations at the recent Monitorama event, about the importance of metrics, and how tracing doesn’t replace more traditional time series data for many cases.

The 2017 state of Devops report has been published, with updated findings from this years survey. Some new and interesting data points about the influence leadership has on adopting devops practices.

A great overview of the state of secrets management software, with a detailed look at Vault, KeyWhiz, Docker, Kubernetes, Rancher and DC/OS.

A good introduction to domain driven design, looking at how to organise a monolithic application before breaking it up into services.

A nice writeup of the new caching features in Docker for Mac, demonstrating how it can be used to improve the local development experience, in this case for Drupal development.

A diagram-heavy post explaining the differences between request-oriented and event-oriented architectures

A look at using InSpec to define security policy in code, with lots of examples. Some interesting points about the difference between integration tests and tests for compliance with security policies.

A good explanation of various parts of Kubernetes, written as a collection of observations, especially useful for anyone just starting out.

CNCF - Cloud Native Computing Foundation

KubeCon / CloudNativeCon Austin - Join leading Kubernetes and Cloud Native technologists in Austin for a full range of technology sessions on the cloud native ecosystem.

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Motivate is hiring a Site Reliability Engineer in Brooklyn, NY. We are the largest producer & operator of bicycle sharing systems in North America. As our first SRE hire, you will have an opportunity to shape our process, culture and tooling for years to come. Help us make the world a greener, more bike-friendly place with DevOps!

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Config Management Camp is one of my favourite conferences in Europe, and it’s coming to Portland in the US on August 3rd. The CFP is open now if you have talk ideas about infrastructure management or automation.


Welder is a simple script execution tool, intended for bootstrapping server instances with as few features as possible.

Upcoming devops.com webinar: Top 10 Practices of Highly Successful DevOps Incident Management Teams. Learn more and register: