DEVOPS WEEKLY ISSUE #335 - 28th May 2017

2 minute read

From big-picture views of containers and networking, to interesting new tools, views on the evils of feature branching and experience reports of using various tools.


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Sprinting for Success: Digital Transformation through Agile and DevOps

Check out this webcast replay to hear Nita Awatramani, Associate Director at Verizon Enterprise Solutions, share how Verizon was able to streamline operations, optimize business output and deliver more useful products faster to their consumers by using a DevOps approach. The results are amazing!


An excellent blog post series on the future of the network. Lots of details of future problems and how hardware and software solutions are emerging.

A solid argument against feature branching, arguing that there are many ways of using a distributed version control system, not all of them good.

A good post about current serverless deployment practices, covering blue/green and canary releases.

ChefConf last week saw some interesting additions to the InSpec testing tool, with support for testing AWS, Azure and vSphere resources.

A good write-up of the Monitorama conference last week, with write-ups from some of the talks and links to the videos from the three days.

A solid comparison of Salt, Ansible and StackStorm. Explains the differences in architectures and looks at support and security capabilities.

A nice detailed example of using Nomad, Consul and Envoy together to provide a fabric for deploying container-based applications.

An interesting set of posts taking a big-picture view of containers and orchestrators and why all the interest.

A useful starting point for anyone working with VPC networks in AWS. Covers space size and tips for subnetting.

CNCF - Cloud Native Computing Foundation

KubeCon / CloudNativeCon Austin - Join leading Kubernetes and Cloud Native technologists in Austin for a full range of technology sessions on the cloud native ecosystem.

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Istio is a new service mesh for microservice applications based on Kubernetes. It provides a standard way to connect, secure, manage and monitor microservices, based on the Envoy proxy.

Upcoming webinar: Top 10 Practices of Highly Successful DevOps Incident Management Teams. Learn more and register: