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A packed issue this week with everything from security to software asset management and thoughts on testing to problems with how we monitor our systems. Hopefully something for everyone whatever your interest in Devops.


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Panera’s Digital Transformation Journey

Panera Bread 2.0 is now reality as a result of their digital transformation - but it was not an easy journey. It took a cross functional team of experts to lead the company-wide initiative. As a result all 2000+ stores support mobile orders and in-store kiosks. Join this webinar to learn how customers are now leveraging all digital channels from mobile to web, and in the restaurants.


Devops as a set of practices is widely applicable outside large web shops, and this post makes some good points about application to traditional IT infrastructure.

My talk from last week’s AppSec EU conference, with some thoughts about security moving towards the application in a world of platforms.

A high-level but pretty comprehensive look at what security means in AWS. Everything from governance to API security and encryption.

Lots of people will have experience with test suites that got out of hand. This post puts that in context, and suggests five rules for assessing how you grow your test suite.

An interesting look at the impact of some traditional licensing of software products like Oracle and the rise of the container as the defacto unit of software.

Lots of monitoring uses CPU utilization as a core metric. This post argues that this is incredibly misleading, with the low level details of why we’ve got this so wrong.

A good run through creating a pipeline for testing the build of a virtual machine, in this case using Packer and Serverspec.

An interesting look at updating Docker images for Windows, focused on how the larger Windows base images use the layered file system and how you need to update your own images that use it.

A take on serverless with some ideas for making it less prone to platform lock-in. I think it conflates open standards and implementation, and doesn’t refer to some of the work going on in this area already, but worth reading.

A nice quick-start for trying out OpenShift locally using minishift, with some good details of the security context constrains feature.

A nice trick to make sure you’re Gitlab CI configuration file is always valid, handy to keep that feedback cycle fast.

CNCF - Cloud Native Computing Foundation

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Lumogon is a little something I’ve been working on at Puppet recently. It’s an open source tool for inspecting running Docker containers. Initially it can report on software packages installed in the container, but we have lots more ideas for other capabilities.

Gixy is a static analyzer for Nginx configuration, intended to detect common security misconfigurations. This would be great in a CI pipeline.

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