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Lots of content around Serverless this week, mainly coming from the excellent ServerlessConf held last week in Austin. Along with that some good posts on digital transformation and ITSM, and on the skills needed to embrace the rapid changes in operations.


Resolving DevOps and IT incidents is not enough. Download the eBook: “Blameless Post Mortems (and how to do them)”, and start learning from them.


Practical Tips to Start Your DevOps Journey

Even when DevOps is not fully embraced throughout an organization there are still benefits. And getting started can be quicker than you think. In this on-demand webinar, Andreas Grabner, Chief DevOps Activist at Dynatrace, shares practical tips that all IT groups can use to start their DevOps journey quickly.


A good list of some of the advantages of standardising on a single unit of software (in this case Docker) and on a platform (ECS on AWS), looking at open source, security and billing.

A really interesting piece placing digital transformation and ITSM in context, I particularly liked the observation that “most enterprise IT functions were built around service provision, rather than product innovation.”

A good blog post and accompanying presentation all about how serverless computing changes security, for the better and for the worse.

A solid post which places many of the practices and tools we talk about under the devops banner in the context of the common manual approaches that came before. The post goes on to talk about what you need to do to get into devops coming from that background.

An interesting survey from the Linux Foundation about how those in the open source community consider the input open source community efforts of the large cloud providers.

An update to a post from a few years ago, on Docker adoption. The sample size and consistency over several samples makes for interesting observations.

An excellent deep-dive blog post on docker overlay networks and how they work, based on a talk from the recent DockerCon conference.

Interesting analysis on what causes flaky tests. The results aren’t super surprising, but the methodology and dataset size are interesting.

A slidedeck on building resilient microservice systems, looking at the inevitable failures in distributed systems and the use of bulkheads to prevent cascading failures.

A simple example of using the new multistage Docker builds to create smaller images when using compiled languages and static binaries.

A presentation on modern agile practices, and how serverless helps to facilitate some of those processes.

CNCF - Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Free Webinar Series – The “How-To” of Cloud-native Traffic Management with Ranga Rajagopalan of Avi Networks

Containers bring a new level of agility and speed to app development, while also demanding a new architecture for the application services managing these microservices and apps, particularly in regards to traffic management. In this webinar, we will discuss how cloud-native traffic management must be approached differently and how dev, app, and network teams can work synchronously to deliver microservices applications.

KubeCon / CloudNativeCon Austin - Join leading Kubernetes and Cloud Native technologists in Austin for a full range of technology sessions on the cloud native ecosystem. We sold out in Berlin and are excited to see thousands of you from the community in Austin! Call for papers and registration information linked.


We’re hiring a Senior DevOps Engineer onsite here at HelloFresh in Berlin. Our ideal candidate is passionate about contributing to open source, experienced in developing tools for engineers to consume and loves to automate things! You can get a taste of what we’ve been working on by checking out our engineering blog which is linked below.

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Devops Days London is coming up on September 6th and 7th, with the theme of Transforming the future together. The CFP is open now until the 31st of May.


Gordon is a tool for deploying and managing AWS Lambda functions, backed by CloudFormation. It provides a nice high-level abstraction over the many underlying services, and the documentation has lots of useful examples.

Resolving DevOps and IT incidents is not enough. Download the eBook: “Blameless Post Mortems (and how to do them)”, and start learning from them.