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Thanks to the organisers of Pipeline and Scale Summit this week, both small events I was lucky enough to attend in London. Both excellent events with a focus on peer discussing of continuous delivery and operations respectively.


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A Tale of Two Pipelines: To DevOps or Not to DevOps

Trying to improve your current DevOps methods? Need to increase innovation and the speed of your software delivery pipeline? Brett Hofer, Global DevOps Practice Lead at Dynatrace, will show you how through a tour of two pipelines. You’ll get insights on key pipeline factors that plague traditional delivery pipelines and how to overcome them with practices that establish a true DevOps.


Building large-scale or even reasonably complex systems is made more difficult because the body of knowledge about how to do so is very distributed. The systems design primer is a great collection of resources with a clear educational focus.

Scale Summit is a great unconference event with a wide range of discussions about operations and infrastructure. This set of notes summarises some of those conversations.

An excellent post on everything learned running Mesos and Marathon in production. Everything from technical tips to operations to community support.

My contribution to the Pipeline conference, all about continuous delivery patterns for traditional packaged software. Examples from different packaged tools in the infrastructure space as well as discussion of versioning, environment complexity and more.

A good post which mixes practical technical advice on how to setup monitoring for a Docker cluster with good examples of the why of monitoring, and its impact on metrics important to a business.

A good look at tiering test suites to balance fast feedback with completeness in continuous integration.

A useful comparison of Dockerfile and using the lower-level docker commit command, and the benefits of something like Dockerfile for documenting images.

Kubernetes is a complex distributed system with some a number of different moving parts that all need some level of monitoring. This 4 part series breaks some of that down, including a case study from a Kubernetes user.

I was pondering monorepos this last week and a good conversation ensued, with people with a variety of experiences and opinions. A good summary of the thread.

One of the advantages of infrastructure as code is that good practices can be documented in a way that makes reuse easy. This post shows how to apply various AWS security best-practices in your Terraform code.

Data storage at scale is all about trade offs. This post steps through resolving a large lag in a replicated MySQL setup after adding a new slave to the cluster.

Notes from another event in London this last week. Pipeline is a conference dedicated to all things Continuous Delivery.

An interesting presentation on the state of application security and where containers, if used suitably, can make things more secure.


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DNSControl is a system for maintaining DNS zones for different provides (including Route53, CloudFlare, and Gandi), using a custom DSL and runtime. It apparently generates the most beautiful BIND zone files ever.

Got ChatOps? This 75 page ebook from O’Reilly Media covers ChatOps from concept to deployment. Get started managing operations in group chat today. Download the your free copy here: