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ITSM and Enterprise Architecture on one hand and serverless and SRE on the other, and some other excellent blog posts in between this issue.


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Practical Tips for Ops: End User Monitoring [Part 3: DevOps Journey Series]

The speed at which new features are deployed cannot be the sole DevOps success metric. Obtaining insights to end-user reaction to the changes deployed generates feedback of value to both Development and Business teams. Join us March 23rd for part 3 of the DevOps Journey Series and get practical tips that you can implement quickly at your organization!


A great set of practices and areas to focus on for anyone with an enterprise architecture role interested in cloud native technologies.

A good take on the state of serverless tooling, and how learning serverless without understanding the surrounding infrastructure risks being an abstraction too far.

An interesting attempt to annotate parts of the Google SRE book with one person’s experience of the practices in the real world. Interesting day-to-day view of some of the practices like error budgets and playbooks.

True rollbacks are nearly never possible with systems that have any data. This post does a good job of explaining why, and why a rollback button might mislead people into making mistakes.

A post on the parallels between distributed objects a few years ago and microservices now, with information on what problems introducing network-separated services solves, and when that is most useful.

A useful breakdown of gRPC. What it is, how it works and what you might choose to use it for.

Both the ITSM and Devops communities share lots in common, and have lots to learn from each other. This post outlines the shared goals, and introduces Devops through an ITSM lens.

A handy explanation of the part played by containerd in the evolving architecture of container based systems.


An introduction to Linkerd with William Morgan of buoyant.io

Linkerd is the latest hosted project to join the CNCF alongside Kubernetes, Prometheus, OpenTracing and Fluentd. Linkerd is an open source, resilient service mesh for cloud-native applications. Used by companies like Twitter, Soundcloud, Pinterest and ING. Linkerd brings scalable, production-tested reliability to cloud-native applications in the form of a service mesh, a dedicated infrastructure layer for service communication that adds resilience, visibility and control to applications without requiring complex application integration.


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Cloud Custodian is a tool to help with keeping an AWS account to a set of defined policies, like ensuring tags are applied or that ec2 instances have encrypted volumes.

Prophet is a tool for producing high quality forecasts from time series data. It is focused on allowing for accurate forecasting to be done by non-experts

Trilogy is a new tool for testing database logic. Test cases are represented by markdown files and it’s designed to be used with a continuous integration system.

DevOps incident management at its finest. Start your free trial of VictorOps.