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A slightly smaller than average issue this week due to a trip to the US and back (and the resulting timezone and airport related issues). Still some interesting posts on containers in production, adopting new processes and mistakes too many of us have probably already made ourselves.


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Gene Kim shares top lessons learned [Webcast Replay]

DevOps researcher, Gene Kim, shares first-hand insights and lessons he learned while co-authoring The DevOps Handbook, including: DevOps transformation case studies around continuous integration and delivery, and concrete techniques to build a culture of continuous experimentation and learning – including those from Google, Etsy, Nordstrom, and Capital One. Check it out!


Institutional knowledge is one of the things I hope this newsletter represents. This post is a good list of mistakes that, in theory, you have to make yourself.

An interesting analysis of Devops via the theory of constraints and answering the 4 questions proposed by Goldratt.

Today we see lots of interest in Kubernetes but a smaller amount of real-world experience. This post contains 10 common deployment issues, from missing configuration to failed volume mounts, and how to find and fix them.

An interesting experience report of one team switching to a deployment model based around Git flow and pull requests, as well as ephemeral environments spun up based on active branches,

Good tips for debugging Docker containers using tooling provided in a separate image, by jumping into the namespace of the container you want to debug.

An interesting post about rolling out configuration management (in the ITIL sense) and some of the difficulties and advantages of doing so. Some good points about any process change.


What is cloud native and why does it exist?

Join us February 23rd at 10:00 AM PT to find out what Cloud Native Computing is and why it matters. Presented by, Alexis Richardson, founder and CEO of Weaveworks and chairperson of the CNCF technical oversight committee. Sign up now.


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awless is a CLI for Amazon Web Services which aims to be fast, powerful and easy-to-use. Useful to exploring an existing infrastructure as well as ad-hoc commands.

Mach is a new build tool trying to take some of the things about Make that make it great and bring to them projects (including Java and CLojure projects) that use a hierarchical file system.

Interested in ChatOps? Get the free 75 page O’Reilly report covering everything from basic concepts to deployment strategies.