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A slightly quiet issue this week as I’ve been on holiday. But still lots of great content on everything from packaging to highly-available database clusters to understanding a bit more about layered file system use in containers.


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A Tale of Two Pipelines: To DevOps or Not to DevOps

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PowerShell has been open sourced, and is also now available for Linux and OS X. I think this is a big deal, and we’ll hear more about why hopefully in future issues (hint hint).

Packaging is always a hot topic. This post makes a convincing argument that the state of python packaging has improved measurably over the last few years.

A great post on building highly available database clusters, in this case a pool of MySQL replicas supported by HAProxy. Lots of code samples and demos.

Puppet 4 has been available for a while now with some useful new features like a type system and improvements to error messages, performance and more. A good list of gotchas for anyone upgrading.

Consul and more generally service discovery is a key part of many modern architectures. This post covers some of the things learned from running Consul for a while, including managing load, monitoring and auditability.

A good introduction to using recent features in Jenkins to build a modern pull-request centric test pipeline using the new Jenkinsfile.

A good look at how updates from package repositories can lead to larger Docker containers, why this isn’t desirable and what you can do about it.

Autoscaling is a key part of taking advantage of moving to a cloud environment. This post delves into why and covers some typical autoscaling strategies.

A discussion of the importance of automation and standards as teams scale out with more and more services. How do you avoid the microservices version of works on my machine?


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Software Circus is coming up in a few weeks in Amsterdam, on the 31st of August to the 2nd of September. Talks abound on containers, cloud native architectures, AI, modern infrastructure and more.

Manage and automate DevOps operations through group chat. Learn how in the free ChatOps book from VictorOps: