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A mixture of content on container and microservices, TLS, practical soft skills for developers and operators and 3 whole days of video from Monitorama. Hopefully something for everyone this week.


The cost of downtime is growing but DevOps practices & real-time incident management solutions can help to reduce MTTR.

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[Webinar] Agile Approach to Digital Transformation

Join our webinar and discover how Verizon digitally transformed their IT organization using a DevOps approach. You’ll learn how they decreased the number of apps they support by 40%, reduced IT complexity by consolidating from 13 to 5 data centers, and much more! If you can’t make the webinar, be sure to register and we’ll send you the replay and slides.


A detailed comparison of the various container schedulers available. Lots of details about Swarm, Mesos/Marathon and Kubernetes and about the general domain and usecases.

An attempt at mythbusting one of the oft-quoted advantages of microservices; that of requiring no coordination between teams. A strong reminder that the important part of the system if probably the data.

If you missed out on Monitorama this year, and have any interest in the current state of monitoring, then you can relive the whole 3 days of the conference in real-time with the recorded livestream.

A good post on the various reasons why companies adopt microservices, and some notes on how you might structure your teams to take advantage of doing so.

A look at the key requirements for adopting infrastructure as code, including image building, testing infrastructure, version control and more.

Empathy is one of those topics that is touched on in devops conversations but rarely do we talk about what that means in practice. This post introduces some practical soft-skills for developers and operators.

A good step-by-step look at using Vault as a an SSL/TLS Certificate Authority using the PKI secrets backend.

Lots of survey results come from the early adopters, so this survey around expected and existing cloud adoption amongst late-adopting enterprise organisations is an interesting data point.

A couple of quick writeups from the recent Devops Enterprise summit. Picks out the main points coming from the talks and links to some of the material from the conference.

A handy overview of the recent Snap package format announcement from Canonical, and some of the wider community issues it raised.

A good high-level list of things to consider when looking at containers and Docker in an enterprise setting.


Configuring SSL is complicated. The TLS Observatory project provides a useful scanning tool which has the useful feature of providing recommendations for things to change.

The cost of downtime is growing but DevOps practices & real-time incident management solutions can help to reduce MTTR.

Learn more: http://try.victorops.com/downtime_data/DevOpsWeekly