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Lots for those of us interested in the culture and organisational change side of devops this week. An excellent essay on sharing, an article on what CAP theorem can tell us about team interaction and a paper on software development and organisational change.


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Verizon’s Agile Approach to Digital Transformation

Join this webinar and discover how Verizon digitally transformed their IT organization using a DevOps approach. You’ll learn how Verizon re-invented the way they develop, deploy and run the software supporting their business. This enabled them to be ahead of the competition, profitable, and relevant in an era of increasing customer expectations.


One of the tenets of devops is sharing. But how do you best facilitate sharing in your own organisation? This essay and talk go into detail about the importance of communication, tips for asking questions and other good advice.

An excellent under-the-hood look at reimagining a large, complex network in software. The first part of an interesting looking series too.

An excellent, and pragmatic, set of instructions for building Debian style packages. Forgoing a few of the official rules for the sake of an arguably more useful packaging workflow.

A super interesting paper on software development and organisational change in the face of disruption from the UK GCHQ. Aptly named boiling frogs.

The tale of container orchestration is one of different strategies from different vendors and communities. This post makes a few arguments about the positioning of Kubernetes in the mix.

An interesting exploration of CAP theorem as applied to teams and organisations, with some specific recommendations for things to do and avoid.

To some continuous integration is a given, but it often means “we have a continuous integration server” rather than about fundamentally adopting an approach to development. This post does a good job of explaining the importance.

A simple example and introduction to using Docker Compose to define an application composed of multiple containers.

Augeas is a tool for modifying configuration files that provides an understanding of how the file is structured, rather than just treating it as data structure or text file. This post explains some of the benefits and new features available in the latest release.


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DevOpsDays Chicago 2016 is coming up, with the event in August on the 30th and 31st. The CFP is open until the 1st of June toom and the CFP page has several ideas for interesting topics.


jwtproxy is an application for authenticating, and possibly authorizing requests between services. It implements JSON Web Tokens and provides a forward and reverse proxy configuration for verification.

Distributedlog from Twitter is a high-performance, replicated log service, offering durability, replication and strong consistency as essentials for building reliable distributed systems.

The DevOps Roadtrip is heading to Seattle. Join us in the Space Needle for a half-day of learning & sharing best practices