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Production systems, service management, security, vendor selection, monitoring, deployment. Hopefully a little something for everyone this week.


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[eBook] The Art of DevOps

Inspired by the famous 6th century Chinese manuscript: The Art of War, this eBook discusses DevOps in the form of a mission to continuously deliver assets to the operational battlegrounds safely, securely, and quickly.


An excellent write up of a Devops flavoured event at the RSA security conference. Lots of links to the presentations at the conference, as well as takeaways including the potential of compliance as code and applying lean to security processes.

A good collection of options on whether ITIL and DevOps are compatible? A useful introduction to set that scene as well.

With everything from immutable infrastructure to containers and languages like go and rust, the build process is increasingly critical. This post delves into how Netflix treat the build pipeline.

A detailed look at why one organisation chose GCE over AWS. Focuses on the core technology as well as looking at wider industry trends and future movements.

A useful post on the confusion between the different roles of alerts and dashboards in monitoring. Discussion of two common mistakes and how to avoid them.

A good exploration of deployment in a cloud environment, in particular looking at the advantage of having a single way of making changes and exploring different concepts which underpin some of the common deployment implementations.

A nice reminder that, even if the default settings take security into consideration, common user behaviours can undermine those. The example given is of the dangers of mounting the Docker socket into containers.

Some good tips for running elasticsearch in production. Optimizing HEAP, documentation, threadpools, underlying storage and more.

A summary of the first day of last week’s KubeCon conference in London, talking about all things Kubernetes.


Rally Health is looking for someone to join our team in DC, Chicago, or SF to make our systems more stable, secure, and performant. We are a profitable startup that improves our users’ health and quality of life, at scale, with millions of users currently reachable by our platform. Technology chasers need not apply; risk-aware, scrappy folks are especially welcomed.


The dotScale conference combines talks on Scalability, DevOps and Distributed Systems and is taking place in Paris on April 25th. The organisers are offering readers a 30% discount too with the code DEVOPSWEEKLY.


Juttle is described as a dataflow programming language. Along with the language are an entire ecosystem of tools for using it to interpret data from graphite, elasticsearch, slack, AWS, various databases and more. Interesting to see more examples of how this fits into a monitoring setup.

Devops Weekly is sponsored by Brightbox Cloud: the multi-zone cloud platform built for High Availability.

Try an SSD cloud server in 30 seconds with your £20 free credit…