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With the end of the year in sight people often start thinking about the last year, and what 2016 will bring. If you’re writing a blog post about either of those topics focused on devops then let me know. Some recap posts would be great for the next two issues of the newsletter.


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Sysadvent is well under way, with 13 posts up so far. Several good posts on a varierty of topics. I particularly enjoyed the posts on design thinking and organisational change.

The State of On Call 2015 report has been published with lots of interesting observations, thanks to all the Devops Weekly readers who filled it in. You can download the full report without signing up too.

As well as the official Sysadvent blog, one company is running there own. Lots of useful low-level tips and tricks around using socks proxies, strace, bash, building RPMs and more.

An interesting post on some of the ways that the many small connected devices of the Internet of Things impacts on traditional service management.

An interesting post on using AWS Lambda and the new API Gateway to build webhooks for monitoring systems which provide context in your company chat room. Good explanation of why this is useful and how to tie the pieces together.

Some interesting points about integrating performance measures into testing. “You don’t need to execute large scale load tests to find most of the problems that will later result in poor performance or scalability problems”.

A good argument for why you should adopt pipelines as the conceptual framework for deployments.

A nice comparison between Amazon’s ECS and Kubernetes for managing a cluster of containers. Covers managing volumes, ports, health checks, service discovery and setup.

A detailed look at end-to-end testing, and why it’s potentially the least effective and most expensive testing approach you can take.

An interesting use of the Nix package manager, to help create reproducible builds using Stack for Haskell.

An excellent set of lightning talks from the London Continuous Delivery meeting. Includes short talks no database deployments, ConcourseCI, the link between virtualisation and Devops and more.


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SCALE 14x is coming up January 21st until the 24th at the Pasadena Convention Center. Topics range from the Linux Kernel all the way to talk of containers and security. The organisers have kindly offered a 50% discount on registration for readers of Devops Weekly with the promo code DVWK.


With the public nature of GitHub and other repositories leaking passwords and other credentials is becoming a bigger problem. Enter git-secrets, which uses local git hooks to prevent you pushing code with know passphrases and other sensitive information in.

Most systems administrators need to quickly find things stored in CSV files at some point. Q looks like a handy tool to do just that using a subset of SQL.

Devops Weekly is sponsored by Brightbox Cloud: the multi-zone cloud platform built for High Availability.

Try an SSD cloud server in 30 seconds with your £20 free credit…