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A slightly shorter newsletter this week more to do with me being busy that anything else. If anyone was at Craft in Budapest or at the Open Source Data Centre conference in Berlin this last week I’d love to hear highlights or be sent links to your favourite talks.


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A nice slide deck introducing unikernels, with numbers from various ongoing projects. Interesting observation about the similarities between embedded development and unikernels.

A detailed post on how to use Test Kitchen to test multi-node systems, using some of the new features in the latest release candidate.

I think we’re still collectively discovering development patterns for containers. This post does a nice job of summarising a few of those patterns to emerge and takes a go at the tricky naming patterns thing.

A useful introduction to a few approaches to testing in production, including canary servers, feature switches and A/B testing.

The idea of using a regular retrospective as a way of improving how you work is popular in lots of different approaches to software development. This site has lots of different formats which can help stop regular retrospectives becoming stale.

I like the idea of high level tenets that can be used to test ideas and proposed approaches. This post summarises the architectural tenets used at Nike.


dotScale is coming up in Paris on the 8th of June. A single day conference on all things scalability, devops and distributed systems. You can snag a 20% discount using the code DEVOPSWEEKLY.

Opbeat and Cloud9 are hosting a free Devops masterclass event next week in Amsterdam, April 29th. Talks on You shipped it, you fix it and Running a cloud-based developer platform.


Bottled Water is an interesting looking tool for streaming data from PostgreSQL to Kafka. You could then use that stream for warming caches, building a search index or doing any form of stream processing.

Following on from last weeks tools for secret management, Sneaker is a tool for storing secrets on S3 using Amazon Key Management Store. Excellent documentation describing various different threat models too.

A nice example of an opinionated container, it provides an Nginx HTTP load balancer which updates automatically based on information from etcd. It also integrates with another container running registrator to do this automatically.

Devops Weekly is sponsored by Brightbox Cloud - serious UK-based cloud infrastructure from only 1.5p per hour (£10.95/month)

Start your £20 free trial now: http://brightbox.com/devopsweekly