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Conference season is obviously in full swing as I’ve found lots of presentations this week on topics from the future of operating systems to several looking at how teams organise themselves in pursuit of continuous delivery.


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A presentation I gave this week at the London Devops meetup, entitled the end of the general purpose operating system. Lots of talk of container hypervisors, the race to PID 1 and what might happen in the future.

A talk all about how rewriting code went hand-in-hand with a change in culture, and allowed for faster shipping of the product in question.

A great transcript of a talk about replacing mutable databases with log stream processing, using Apache Samza. Lots of interesting examples and ideas to consider.

I’ve featured lots of tools in this newsletter over the last year or so. Here’s an (unordered) list of ten of them that stood out for me from 2014.

A great day by day tale of upgrading a number of servers in a live datacentre. Worth reading whether you’re a regular data centre visitor or if you’ve never been to see one.

A great presentation all about what Devops means to the GOV.UK team at the UK Government (my old place of work). Lots of good examples of collaborating and considering operational processes.

A great definition of microservices as “software that fits in your head”. Lots of good points about software being the cost not the goal, and killing off or stabilising software rapidly.

Sysdig (the super powerful tracing application) has just added the ability to inspect processes inside containers. This allows for, for instance, showing CPU usage across containers on a host running in different container implementations like LXC and Docker. Lots of great examples in the post.

A presentation all about selecting tools which help you work towards continuous delivery, and the different team models that are emerging due to Conway’s law.


A new CI system with a very pipeline native setup. It’s automatically deployed using BOSH and features some interesting integration with Pivotal Tracker, Docker, S3 and more.

A collection of Puppet modules and scripts aimed at compliance with more than 1000 requirements from nine US Department of Defence policy documents. Some interesting autogenerated documentation with Latex which might be applicable to others too.

The combination of low level system tools with embedded scripting with Lua is, I think/hope, one we’ll see more of. Nginx already does this well. go-lua is a Lua runtime for Go, which I’d love to see in the emerging Go system tools.

Curl is amazing, but it’s also somewhat cryptic. Httpie is a a Curl replacement designed with a more friendly, and HTTP native, interface.

Devops Weekly is sponsored by Brightbox Cloud - serious UK-based cloud infrastructure from only 1.5p per hour (£10.95/month)

Start your £20 free trial now: http://brightbox.com/devopsweekly