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Just a quick thank you to all the people who have emailed me links for the newsletter over the years. If anyone writes any content or comes across anything that you think would interest everyone please do drop me an email.


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Technical Deep Dive: Prescriptive Topology Manager (PTM) Simplify Your Data Center Operations and Workflow

Make sure your actual, physical cabling within a network matches a predefined plan. This technical deep dive will allow you the opportunity to follow along and learn. Think of it is a mini-introductory-talk-workshop kind of event.


Lot of projects are growing up around Docker, which means the need for solid extensions points has been a hot topic recently. Powerstrip is an interesting approach that allows for prototyping extensions today, the following posts demonstrate using two docker-related projects together.

A useful blog post for anyone starting to investigate containers, focusing on the organisational barriers to entry, including the need to think about: Storage, Failover, Delivery model, Release strategy, Ownership, Patching, Support and Licensing.

Prometheus is a new open source monitoring system, designed for a modern microservices architecture. This post explains the problems with current tools and demonstrates the power of the integrated query language for all data collected.

A nice run down of the existing common frameworks being used for service discovery, including a summary of zookeeper, etcd, consul and eureka from Netflix.

An interesting view on the changing role of QA folks in agile development teams. Focuses on social pressures that can lead to relationships that don’t function as well as they could - just being on the same team isn’t enough.


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It’s that time of year again and SCALE and DevOps Day LA are coming up at the LAX Hilton in February. SCALE is also co-hosting Devops Day LA as well as a Puppet Camp this year.

SCALE Feb 18th to 22nd Puppet Camp Feb 19th Devops Day LA Feb 20th

The organisers have kindly provided a discount code that will will reduce the price for the full registration by a huge 50%. Use the code DEVWK when registering.


Comcast is a tool designed to simulate common network problems like latency, bandwidth restrictions, and dropped/reordered/corrupted packets. Very handy for testing distributed systems under non-ideal network conditions.

Toxiproxy is another tool for simulating network errors for testing purposes. It provides a proxy with an API, which allows for altering the network conditions cleanly. The example gives you a great idea of what’s possible.

Devops Weekly is sponsored by Brightbox Cloud - serious UK-based cloud infrastructure from only 1.5p per hour (£10.95/month)

Start your £20 free trial now: http://brightbox.com/devopsweekly