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The topic of whether devops needs a manifesto arose again this week. In my view devops has always just been a word under which lots of conversations can happen. It’s pure and simple marketing (in a good way), where the product is the conversation and the community.


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As mentioned above, the topic of whether devops needs a manifesto or official definition arose again this week. Here are two posts on opposite sides to the debate.

An excellent essay on the current state of Software Defined Networking. Discussing the differences in the network engineering and software engineering view of the world, and what part containers might play in networking.

Applying metrics to development and operations is a core tenet of devops practices. This detailed post delves into what metrics might be a good idea for measuring information security work.

A good reminder that for lots of people and organisations devops is still very new, and knowing where to get started (and that it’s possible) is very important.

It’s not possible to run ASP.NET applications on Linux and OSX, which opens up the opportunity to run them inside docker containers. This tutorial shows you how.

Shameless self promotion. A presentation I gave about using Puppet to describe your AWS infrastructure and launch instances and manage security groups and load balancers. Also shows how to use Puppet’s unit testing tools to test your infrastructure before you launch it.

Rust is an interesting language well suited to system tools with it’s focus on type safety, memory safety, concurrency and performance. With the 1.0 release approaching here are a few good tutorials.

This post is a nice introduction to FreeBSD from the point of view of those coming from Linux. It does a good job of explaining the differences in design and approach, and is followed up by more detailed how-to posts.

A nice business focused view of devops, picking specifically on cross organisation communication and standardisation.


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A comprehensive set of Puppet and Chef code for hardening servers. Includes code for base operating systems, ssh, mysql, postgresql, apache and nginx and supports Ubuntu, RedHat, Debian, Centos and Oracle.

Jetpack is a work-in-progress implementation of the Application Container Specification using FreeBSD Jail and ZFS.

Dashiell is a nice frontend to osquery and facter, allowing you to query the state of a cluster of servers very quickly.

Devops Weekly is sponsored by Brightbox Cloud - serious UK-based cloud infrastructure from only 1.5p per hour (£10.95/month)

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