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The first issue of 2015 means we’re only a month away from FOSDEM and Configuration Management Camp in Belgium. If you’re going to be at either let me know.


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A quick introduction and example of using boxstarter and chocolatey to automate the setup of a Windows development environment.

One of my favourite topics, how to integrate security into modern operations. This post covers four topics and presents a few areas for you to think about including rapid deployment and access to production systems.

A good set of awkward questions to ask as you build out a microservices architecture. Some great questions about enforcing conventions, monitoring, reuse, API changes, etc.

An interesting writeup from a meetup in London all about the unified log. Some good pointers to software including Kafka, Samza and Luwak which can be used for data processing.

It’s sometimes useful to understand exactly what you’re Linux machine is doing at a low level, enter systems calls. This post provides a simple introduction, some code examples and a description of important calls.

A good distributed systems primer covering how we got here, fallacies of distributed systems and some of the important concepts.

I’m a big fan of the nginx web server and proxy and this collection of links covers lots of beginner and more advanced material for learning more about it.

A nice walk-though of using Test Kitchen to test Puppet code using the Test Kitchen Docker support.


DeployDB is a tool for storing the state of deployments, and is designed to integrate with existing tools like Jenkins and RunDeck and actually do the deployment.

RFC Reader does exactly what you expect, it provides a nice web interface for reading individual RFCs.