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I had huge fun at the New Directions in Operating Systems conference this week and have included a few related posts and presentations in this issue. Small, super-niche, community conferences like this, Monitorama and Configuration Management Camp feel like great places to learn new things - thanks to all the people who organise them.


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If you missed out on New Directions in Operating systems this week this epic post of notes from all of the talks should be of interest. Lots of talk of rump kernels, unikernels, configuration management and more.

My talk at New Directions in Operating Systems, all about the history and possible future of configuration management as both a discipline and an evolving tool set.

One of the common threads at New Directions in Operating Systems was a move towards a different mental model of the operating system. This talk did a good job of articulating some of the reasons why.

Details from a recent survey of the state of monitoring have started to be published, with some interesting results. So far you can have a look at the demographics of respondents, and see what tools people are using today.

A write-up of some observations from last weeks New Directions in Operating Systems conference. Lots of links for further reading on a bunch of the subjects covered.

Kubernetes is powerful but developing quickly, so keeping up can be a challenge. This post does a good job of explaining all of the main concepts along with examples in one place.

A multi-post tutorial covering building a docker based infrastructure using Puppet, Foreman, Packer and Crane. The details about using the different tools together makes for an interesting read.

An interesting post about using littlechef in a non-centralised workflow for Chef. Examples of custom interfaces and integrating with Jenkins.

Some observations and lots of links to interesting tools, all from talks at the recent LISA conference.

All the interest in operations and infrastructure management has resulted in an explosion of tools, and keeping up can be difficult. Enter this simple directory, maintained on GitHub.


Sainsbury’s Digital are looking for a DevOps Engineer in Farringdon, Central London. You’ll maintain and enhance technical infrastructure, contribute to the architecture of the software stack and automate testing, deployment and provisioning using tools like Python, PHP, RabbitMQ, Varnish, Ansible and Elasticsearch. This is an opportunity to ensure that DevOps is right at the heart of our development process.


The Office of the CIO of the United States Patent and Trademark Office is hosting its first Devops meetup on January 14th. Experts from the private and public sectors will come together to talk about all things Devops and Government.


Charted is a way of sharing graphs. I’m a big fan of using monitoring tools for business metrics, but exposing that data can be hard. Charted looks a great bridge to get other people interested in data.