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Back in the UK this week after two weeks in Portland, and heading to SF next weekend. Expect lots of good content from upcoming events in the next weeks - with Velocity NYC, PuppetConf and Surge to name a few.


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Lots of good tips for speeding up your usage of Vagrant. Includes a few useful plugins and configuration settings and some workflow tips.

The discussion of ZFS on Linux comes up occasionally and this recent blog post appears to be a great introduction to the state of the art. Lots of links to further info too.

A good reminder that when choosing software, starting by looking at SaaS is probably the way to go. A good discussion of the different costs in SaaS, PaaS and IaaS as well.

A nice reminder that there are multiple approaches to what we often refer to devops, and that so much of it is about the benefits of working with people with different skills.

A look into the differences between LXC and Docker. Some good observations, but parts are based on docker defaults rather than all the possibilities.

A nice introduction to service discovery and consul in particular. Some good tips for setting up clusters and understanding the number of servers and agents for best results.

A detailed writeup of setting up a very modern infrastructure, using CoreOS and Kubernetes on top of OpenStack using Heat. The discussion of the network setup is particularly interesting.

The Devopsdays Gent (5th birthday special) program was released this week and I’m really looking forward to all the announced sessions.


Chartbeat is hiring a Web Operations Engineer to help continue building out our growing infrastructure. Chartbeat is most well known for providing real-time engagement analytics that measure and monetize attention on the web to everyone from The New York Times to Al Jazeera. We love AWS, Python, Puppet, and puppies at work. The position is located with the rest of our development team in our Union Square NYC office.

The Workday team are looking for software developers and/or very strong sysadmins who can code for a variety of roles working on our backend technology stack, deployment solution & monitoring systems. We want friendly, passionate technologists with a Unix/Linux background, particularly folks who have systems development experience. We write predominantly in ruby and we work with a large variety of systems including chef, hadoop & openstack to name but a few. We¹re a friendly bunch, so reach out and say hi if you¹d be interested in talking to us! - [email protected]

Dublin, Ireland http://www.workday.com/company/careers/job_description.php?id=JR06401 San Francisco, CA www.workday.com/company/careers/job_description.php?id=JR04452

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DataSift is seeking operations engineers with a passion and flair for deploying and scaling distributed web applications. You will work on DataSift’s growing server infrastructure, and be responsible for monitoring and optimising our platform across multiple servers, networks and databases. You will use modern operations tools, and will work closely with developers to achieve high levels of scalability.


Devops Weekly readers are invited to the launch party for the new Devops book “The Practice of Cloud System Administration: Designing and Operating Large Distributed Systems”; at the NYC office of Stack Exchange (StackOverflow.com) on September 17th in New York.


Lots of interest at the moment in how to run containers across multiple hosts, and part of that is the network layer. Weave is a router that runs in a container, designed for connecting together docker containers.

Knowing what versions of which Puppet modules people are using is hard to track, enter Puppet Analytics. A simple client and a basic web based dashboard, I’ll be interested to see if this takes off.