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Along with all the blog posts, talks and tools this issue we have lots of interesting Devops related jobs, from London to Nashville to anywhere in the world. Along with the interest in Devops has definitely come more visibility for operations jobs it seems.


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The call for proposals is open for Configuration Management Camp and FOSDEM, both in Belgium at the start of February next year. If you’re part of a specific community or work with a specific tool you can propose an entire room too.

Capistrano was one of the original opinionated deployment tools that really caught on, especially in the new (at the time) Ruby on Rails community. This post covers what’s new in version 3, which has been completely re-written to be smaller, more flexible and extensible via plugins.

A good article about the perils of too much automation, and why designing systems to be operable is more important that designing software to not require operations.

A conversation at PuppetConf earlier in the year has resulted in a new site for the Puppet community, documenting the evolving best practices. Lots of useful posts collecting information from elsewhere, and a pull request model for anyone who wants to contribute.

A detailed series of blog posts describing an end-to-end automated development approach. The example uses vagrant, fabric, django and ec2 but you could replace those tools if you prefer. A nice starting point.

Another week another amazing looking Devopsdays event. The videos from the recent Tokyo event are up, covering an introduction to Sensu and lots of talk about involving the entire business in operations.

A nice write-up from the recent Devopsdays Atlanta event, covering a few of the talks and open spaces. Mainly this is a nice introduction to anyone wondering about the format of the events and how it all comes together.

An attempt to specify ten rules for collaboration between development and operations around the act of deployment. A nice idea, but a discussion about intent would probably be a good starting point.


UK IaaS provider Brightbox are looking for a Linux Systems Administrator to join their team. If you have strong experience with GNU/Linux systems and are familiar with devops concepts you can find more details here:

DevOps Engineer, Lonely Planet, Nashville, TN. Travel is in the DNA of everyone at Lonelyplanet.com. Call us crazy, but we live travel, breathe travel, heck we even dream about it sometimes. It’s our mission to inspire, inform and connect travellers so we’re building the biggest and best travel site on the planet. Do you want to help drive the direction of Lonelyplanet.com as part of a talented, passionate team? Are you raring to work somewhere fast-paced and fun? We want to hear from you.

Livestation is the global leader in live streaming TV news, and is about to undertake a major change in strategy. They are now on the look-out for a senior devop to join the team in London. They are also offering a £500 referral fee to any Devops Weekly reader who refers a friend who gets hired (why aren’t they reading already?!). You can get more details via emai from [email protected]


dh-virtualenv is a tool that aims to combine Debian packaging with self-contained virtualenv based Python deployments. It tries to combine the power and flexibility of Debian packages with the developer friendliness and familiarity with python virtualenv.