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Welcome to the nearly 500 new subscribers who have signed up in the last two weeks for Devops Weekly. It still amazes me how this community has grown over the last few years, hopefully with all these new people finding devops we’ll see even more great content, examples and tools. Do email me with anything you find that’s interesting.


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Good writeup from the recent devopsdays Austin, focusing on why culture is important, but just as importantly why it’s hard to talk about and address. I particularly liked the observation that effective culture can be very different between different groups of people.

Slidedeck going through a series of interviews with people from the devops community. Covers topics such as where we are now, favourite ideas and tools and where devops goes next.

Interesting take on the Bay area bubble when it comes to the overlap of devops and cloud infrastructures. My experience in the UK at work and at devopsdays is similar, lots of software and infrastructure that runs real companies would be seen as legacy by your average startup.

A nice presentation (with the new Opscode branding) introducing the power of automation. It’s a nice short case study of a real world problems being solved by automating hard or slow parts of a problematic process.

A great success story for Cloudfoundry solving a gnarly technical problem. What if a 50 minute outage could result in you losing half of your yearly income? Good example of playing to the strengths of Platform as a Service.

Where is devops heading in the future? A short entertaining take on some of the core bits of devops (culture, automation, measurement and sharing) and how they might spread.


Mutual Mobile is looking for a DevOps Engineer. The DevOps team at Mutual Mobile coordinates between engineering, IT, and QA automation, to provide tools, automate systems, and integrate solutions that empower our team to be successful engineers. Be prepared to: automate repeatable solutions / throw together quick hacks / know everything about Puppet, Jenkins, SVN. Bonus points if you have a mastery of Python.

Interested? Apply here: http://www.mutualmobile.com/company/careers/people-operations


Heka is a tool from Mozilla for collecting and collating data from a number of different sources, performing “in-flight” processing of collected data, and delivering the results to any number of destinations for further analysis. It’s written in Go but you can extend it with Lua too.

Overmind is a complete server provisioning and configuration management application. It provides unified front-end to public and private clouds, custom server providers and dedicated hardware via exposing a RESTful API over libcloud.