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DEVOPS WEEKLY ISSUE #589 - 10th April 2022

1 minute read

Three posts on building reliable (people and technical) systems at scale, incident response processes and platform engineering this week that all feel like m...

DEVOPS WEEKLY ISSUE #588 - 3rd April 2022

2 minute read

Doubling up on posts on both technology choice and backups this week, as well as lots of new and interesting tools covering everything from CI/CD and SSH ser...

DEVOPS WEEKLY ISSUE #587 - 27th March 2022

1 minute read

Several in-depth posts this week on crunch operations topics, including metrics for incident response, SLOs and SLIs and the idea that you build it, you run ...

DEVOPS WEEKLY ISSUE #586 - 20th March 2022

1 minute read

Recent improvements to the venerable sudo as well as posts on retry logic, monitoring monitoring systems GitOps and a few other interesting topics this week.