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DEVOPS WEEKLY ISSUE #496 - 28th June 2020

1 minute read

This issue I’d like to welcome the new sponsor for Devops Weekly, env0. env0 are doing some interesting things with providing self-service environments for d...

DEVOPS WEEKLY ISSUE #495 - 21st June 2020

1 minute read

A wide range of content this week, from adopting continuous delivery at scale to different roles, several posts on automation around pull requests and discus...

DEVOPS WEEKLY ISSUE #494 - 14th June 2020

2 minute read

Lots of posts this week on common challenges for growing teams and organisations. Test speed, monorepo performance, strategy patterns, data platform migratio...

DEVOPS WEEKLY ISSUE #493 - 7th June 2020

1 minute read

Some very topical posts this week. Plus the more usual content; Intel/ARM performance comparisons, chaos engineering meets security and several interesting K...

DEVOPS WEEKLY ISSUE #491 - 24th May 2020

1 minute read

Build pipeline optimisation, serverless application design, using PostgreSQL for analysis, infrastructure as code and tried and trusted linux command line t...

DEVOPS WEEKLY ISSUE #489 - 10th May 2020

1 minute read

Posts this week covering the emergence of platform teams, journald, AWS and a writeup from a devops conference held on a virtual island populated by animals.

DEVOPS WEEKLY ISSUE #487 - 26th April 2020

1 minute read

A broad range of ops topics this week, from the new (chaos engineering, cloud cost management) to the old (security, database operations, branch strategies).